How your travel became my passion.

Hi, I’m Chaya Silver. 
I’ve always been a people person. Growing up in Antwerp, Belgium (yes, I speak 5 languages! English, Hebrew, Dutch, French and Yiddish), I was exposed to a large mix of people from all different types of backgrounds.   

My horizons expanded even further when I went to study in seminary in the U.K., and met girls from all over the globe. I loved connecting with people from different cultures and upbringings and getting to understand their values, their way of thinking and what makes them tick. 

Then, after I got married, I had the zechus to fulfill a lifelong dream and move to Israel. I’ve always been passionate about Eretz Yisrael, but the longer I lived here, the more I fell in love with the land.  

I wanted to share that love! I wanted to allow others, who don’t have the privilege of living here, to be able to come and connect to our land in a deep way. To experience Israel as the exciting, thriving, pulsating, spiritually intense, exquisite, one-of-a-kind place that it is.  

That’s why, for me, every trip that I plan is personal.   I won’t rest until I’ve found you the ideal accommodations, planned the perfect itinerary and organized your dream event down to the last detail.  Because I know that you’re coming here to do so much more than just have an enjoyable vacation.  You’re here to connect to our homeland. 

My job – and my passion – is to help you do that. 

Discover the Chaya Silver Difference:

Leave the hassle of logistics to Chaya, while you enjoy the magic of Israel.

personalized service

out-of-the-box ideas

attention to detail

meticulous planning

flawless execution

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